The one in which I watch Sex and the City

Hello, my name is Andrea and I’ve never watched Sex and the City. Well, I lie, I have occasionally sort of half watched some episodes while doing something else, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched a complete one. I just never saw the appeal, maybe because I don’t buy that the main character can live like that writing a column, maybe because I think they all look terribly stupid or maybe because, well, I was not a thirtysomething woman and the only shoes I care about are vans. Some years ago my girly friends often talked about which one of the characters they resembled the most and I was left there sitting in my own world thinking that the fictional character I resembled the most was Rob Gordon from High Fidelity. Thankfully nobody else in my circle cared about this show except for my dad, who bizarrely seems to like it, so I was spared these conversations and never felt forced to watch it… until now. The thing is, with them being unmarried and childless, somebody could ask why this show doesn’t fall into my thesis topic, and although I know that it doesn’t–or at least I hope so–I can’t argue my way out of that without watching it.

S01 E01

This hasn’t even started and I feel like I’m watching a series about Gala Darling.

I don’t think white tutus should be worn unless you’re, you know, on stage dancing ballet. Right now I’m imagining grown women googling “Carrie Bradshaw tutu diy” and something is dying inside me.

sex and the city screen cap season 1

Rain reflecting the emotional turnmoil of a two week relationship.

Wait a minute, is this supposed to be set in the 80s?

sex and the city looks like the 80s

Just when I was starting to wonder if the main characters have any male friends one came up…but he’s gay.

Shit, I’m not the only one who says “it’s research” after every stupidly immature thing they do. I hope nobody thinks I’m copying Carrie.

Oh right, the gay friend and the nerd friend. I see.


does mr big have a big penis

The most important thing I’ve googled all day

I don’t get it, what’s with the sex noises when they’re only kissing? Who makes that kind of noise when they kiss?

Now that I know it was created by Darren Star I’m scared I will like it. Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place are two of my guilty pleasures.


This weird female ritual where they take turns sharing what they hate about their bodies…is it a thing? +1 point for Samantha, she’s my current favourite for not buying into it.

There are several things that bother me about this episode. I like the (brief) commentary of how fashion magazines can make a woman feel bad about herself, although I don’t like how it’s taken for granted that every single woman constantly worries about a certain part of her body. If reading fashion magazines make women compare themselves to the models in it and feel bad about their bodies, won’t watching this scene where they all share what they hate about themselves make the spectator think “hmmm, what’s my least favourite body part?” and obsess about it?

Then there’s the issue with models. Although the male model is supposed to be deep and have all these thoughts in his head, female ones are portrayed as dumb and shallow, which perpetuates the stereotype of the pretty but dumb girl and the ugly but funny one.

sex and the city gif i'm very literary i read
Finally, we’ve all been thinking about our right to privacy after all those celebrity photo leaks. Well, Carrie’s reaction when she finds out this guy is filming women having sex without their permission is this:

sex and the city carrie

Ok then, I suppose they live from their bodies.

carrie bradshaw quote being 30

But as the framing of this shot suggests, I clearly haven’t.

carrie bradshaw farting

I’m totally writing this post in the same position as Carrie

S01 E03

Of course the married friend is called PATIENCE.

I have to admit I love a good penis joke.

sex and the city NAKED MAN


I don’t have many married friends, but I wasn’t aware of all this bitchiness between married women and single women. What’s the deal with that? Can somebody clarify?

This bitter woman is married to books because she couldn't find a man who would put up with her.

This bitter woman is married to books because she couldn’t find a man who would put up with her.

There we go, the unmarried world of “stunted adolescence.” I struggle to believe that in 1998 there were people who still thought only married couples were proper adults, but then again, I’m sure most the people I went to school with think so too.

Let’s all take a minute to remember that it’s not ok to ask women to donate eggs as if you were asking for spare change.

I think the reason why Carrie is single might be that she’s in her 30s but still listens to the same music as teenagers. I can see how a 30-year-old today would like Hanson for mostly nostalgic reasons, but I don’t know any 30something One Direction fans…

carrie bradshaw wearing a hanson tshirt

Don’t try to hide it Carrie, we know it’s there and we doubt you’re wearing it ironically.

Why is Miranda not offended that so many people think that short-haired, single women must be lesbians? And more importantly, why isn’t the lesbian friend offended? And why is Miranda suddenly dressed like a man?

Wait, did that imaginary war between marrieds and singles just get compared to the IRA? Oooookay then.


So we know that mr big is prince charming because her anecdotes about him begin with “once upon a time”, right?

Oh god, the sex noise when kissing again. SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP!

Oh, the twentysomething club, as dark and confusing as the decade itself.

Oh, the twentysomething club, as dark and confusing as the decade itself.

Ah, remember when tongue piercings were edgy?

LOL @ the phrase “abject blackness” when talking about anal sex.

“I walked 48 blocks in $400 shoes.” CRINGE.

Apparently when you hit 30 you become rich. Lucky me.

carrie bradshaw taking a shit

Answer: some really ugly + expensive shoes

Answer: some really ugly + expensive shoes


I appreciate the open discussion of female sex, the fact that friends don’t judge one another for their sexual habits, and how they’re there for each other. I also appreciate that they set themselves apart from the 20something crowd so explicitly because it means I can already argue my way out of the “OMG IS THIS RELEVANT TO MY THESIS” discussion. I still don’t get it, though. I don’t particularly like any of the characters, I certainly don’t consider them style icons and I don’t want their lifestyle. What made people go so crazy about this show? I suppose it was a good moment to talk openly about sexually active women leading materialistic lifestyles; post-aids panic, pre-9/11, pre-recession, etc. I really don’t think this show would have been such a big hit today.

sex and the city gif carrie research


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