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This week shall be remembered as the week when MIA FARROW tweeted at me.

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  • A Nightmare in Elm Street 2 is gay.
  • I loved this article about the psychology of the supermarket. I can’t wait until the next part is published.
  • Is reunited Germany actually united? Apparently not. I loved the graphics in this article and the different aspects that it touches. I also love that the words I use are usually the ones used in Bavaria, it proves that my year abroad wasn’t in vain.
  • 10 female Dadaists you should know.
  • I’m always curious about the highlighted passages on kindle. It seems to me that if a passage has already been highlighted by one person then a second one is more likely to notice it. Sometimes I find that the highlighted passages are totally banal and not that worthy of their highlighting, this happened very often when I read 50 Shades of Grey and people were highlighting supposedly “sexy” passages that made me fear for the readers’ sex life. Anyway, here’s a selection of the most popular passages, it’s quite interesting.
  • I can’t believe a sexy PhD costume is a thing.

I totally loved Andre Levy’s portraits on coins, especially this one.


These photos of San Francisco’s Victorian houses being moved are fascinating.

  • I’m in love with these photos by Carla Fernández Andrade that I found on I need a guide.
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