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May 2011 – a playlist

It has been ages since I last posted a playlist, hasn’t it? It doesn’t mean I haven’t made any since my Valentine’s day playlist for tortured souls, I just haven’t been in the right mood to post them, but here is one. Somebody (who puts out great records that you should buy) made me an awesome playlist not long ago. I have been listening to it a lot and found about some great bands thanks to it, so I was reminded of the power of the mixtape and thought I’d share my latest with you. I know it’s already May and I’m supposed to be making summer mixes, but I felt like something calm and slightly melancholic, so I’m defying the norm. I’m sure a pop-punk summer playlist will follow soon.
The download includes a .pdf file with the cover that you can just print, fold and insert into a plastic sleeve. I’ve also added it to 8tracks for those who want to listen first. As usual, if you like the artists buy the records, go to their shows and buy them J├Ągermeister shots, they’re all rad.

01. P.S. Eliot – Sore Subject
02. The Love of Everything – Unsizeable
03. Lucero – Can’t Feel a Thing
04. Mogwai – The Sun Smells Too Loud
05. Laura Stevenson and the Cans – Nervous Rex
06. Mountain Goats – If You See Light
07. Nana Grizol – For Things That Haven’t Come Yet
08. Nick Drake – Things Behind the Sun
09. Pavement – Heaven is a Truck
10. Pixies – I bleed
11. Silkworm – The Lure of Beauty

The Sound of Summer 2010

This is my summer mix. You can listen to it on the player below, but keep in mind that it will only respect the tracklist the first time you listen, so if you like it I recommend you download it. As usual, if you like any of the bands please support them, buy their records, go to their shows and send them love messages on myspace.
01. Intro
02. Off With Their Heads – Die Today
03. Fake Problems – Heck Yeah Summer!
04. Snowing – Pump Fake
05. Latterman – Rebellion vs The Alarm Clock
06. Silver Scooter – Brain & Heart
07. Above Them – Keep Smiling
08. Descendents – In Love This Way
09. Avast! – Ahab
10. Defiance, Ohio – Chad’s Favourite Song
11. Peter & Craig – Let’s Go Surfing
12. The Promise Ring – The Deep South
13. Algernon Cadwallader – Some Kind Of Cadwallader
14. Surfer Blood – Twin Peaks
15. Apologies, I have none – 100 Club
16. Calvinball – A Toast to Those Who Drink the Most
17. Dillinger Four – Doublewhiskeycokenice
18. The Ergs! – Honolulu Hornrims
19. American Football – The One with the Tambourine
20. Pirouette – Yellow Car I Called It
21. Teenage Cool Kids – Speaking in Tongues
22. Dauntless Elite – Energy Kids Rule Forever
23. Pennines – Does Not Want
24. Chuck Ragan – Done and Done
25. Tigers Jaw – I Saw Water
26. Iron Chic – Steel Wall Method
27. Delay – Name That Feeling
28. Grown Ups – Surprise Party
29. Stapleton – Shoulder Length Summer

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