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Amazing Bookshops Around the World: Joot Books (Amsterdam)

Joot Books, Just Out Of Time (Amsterdam)
Hartenstraat 15 1016 BZ
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)20-6881783

Joot Books (Amsterdam)
Amsterdam has a lot of nice bookshops. I was slightly overwhelmed and couldn’t stop hyperventilating and fantasising about how big this section was going to be after my trip. Joot Books was one of the most interesting bookshops I’ve come across in a long time. Located in an area known as “De 9 Straatjes” (the nine streets), famous for its small independent shops and cafés, Joot Books fits in perfectly with the spirit of its location, offering something that is definitely special and sets the shop apart from the generic bookshops that can be found all over the place.
Joot Books (Amsterdam)
Spread across three floors, the bookstore specialises in art books, both old and new, with a special focus on modernist and post-war art. As I stepped in, fooled by the small façade, I was surprised by the actual size of the shop and the comprehensive selection it hosts. As well as books, Just Out Of Time Books carry original art prints by post-war artists.
Joot Books (Amsterdam)
Those who fail to be seduced by art (or can’t carry heavy art books back home in their suitcases in fear that Ryanair will charge them a small fortune) will surely find something of interest in the basement, where Joot carry books on an ample selection of topics such as history, literary theory and philosophy, as well as a well-stocked fiction section with books both in English and Dutch.
Joot Books (Amsterdam)
I might be slightly biased because I got a discount on a Hanif Kureishi novel after I explained what the Amazing Bookshops Around the World section was about, but Joot Books fulfils all the criteria that make a bookshop amazing. You can see for yourself by checking out their catalogue on their website.

Amazing bookshops around the world: The Book Exchange (Amsterdam)

The Book Exchange (Amsterdam)
Kloveniersburgwal 58,
1012 CX Amsterdam,
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The Book Exchange (Amsterdam)
The Book Exchange is the only independent bookshop I found in Amsterdam with books exclusively in the English language. And my top tip when it comes to Amsterdam bookshops. Sure, you could go to Waterstones or the American Book Centre instead, but who would want to go into a chain bookstore that could perfectly be in any High Street in England or America when you can explore a charming second hand bookshop full of personality instead?
The Book Exchange has been in business in the heart of Amsterdam for over 30 years, amassing quite the collection of used books about every single genre that you can imagine. I have to say their selection of fiction is pretty impressive.
The Book Exchange (Amsterdam)
Not only is it a fun bookshop to browse through, it is also cheap (especially when compared to the big chains). If that isn’t enough to make you want to visit, I’ll give you another reason. Do you know those books you have collecting dust on your bookshelves? Yes, the ones you read years ago and have no intention of ever re-reading, the ones you bought to look cool while seen reading them in public places, and the ones you bought because someone you had a massive crush on told you to. Well, if they are in good condition (and I assume they are because, as a lover of books, you treat them the way they deserve) you can take them to The Book Exchange and sell them or, EVEN BETTER, exchange them for other books. Now, if that doesn’t have you looking at flights to Amsterdam, I don’t know what will.
Books > Drugs and hookers
The Book Exchange (Amsterdam)


These photos were taken during my trip to Amsterdam last March on an Olympus compact camera with Lomography film. It was my first time using Lomography film and I can’t say I love it, but it’s okay.
Flower Market
Amsterdam market
Amsterdam Canal
Amsterdam Kindergarden window

Amazing bookshops around the world: Spui Square (Amsterdam)

If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam and, upon your arrival, discover that, much to your dismay, you forgot to pack a good book, your best bet for a quick literary fix is to head to Spui Square. Here you will find several places to satisfy your book hunger.
The American Book Center is a labyrinthine bookstore where you will surely find whatever it is you’re looking for. Even though slightly overwhelming and overpriced, they have an incredible variety.
If The American Book Center is too American for you there’s no need to panic, as the English chain bookstore Waterstones is pretty much in front of it. Having been inside too many Waterstones shops as it is, I didn’t even step in it, but I’m sure it’s a good choice if you’re looking for something specific, recent releases or want a wide variety to choose from.If big book stores are not your thing and you’re more of a browsing type or you just enjoy the smell of old paper, you might find something of interest in the book market that takes place right in Spui Square every Friday. It won’t be easy to find the right book there, but it is a great place if you have some time to spare or an uncontrollable love for old books and prints.

Spui Book Market

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