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On friendship

sunset in Munich

The other day marked four years since I moved to Munich. I find this very scary. I had never even been to Germany before and had no idea what to expect. That year turned out to be the best of my life and a completely life-changing experience. There is definitely a pre-Munich and post-Munich me. I got myself out of a depression I didn’t even acknowledge as such and managed to be actually H-A-P-P-Y. As in, “nothing is wrong in my life except for the fact that I’m leaving this place” happy. Obviously there are many factors that contributed to that state. I think it comes down to the combination of how much I liked the educational system there, studying some really fulfilling stuff and feeling like I was actually GOOD, living in a beautiful city where it is pleasant just to walk around and, most importantly, surrounding myself with amazing people.

I learnt a lot about friendship in Munich. I consider myself extremely lucky every time I think about how many of the people who now are my best friends I met there. Life throws us together with several bunches of people that we are more or less forced to welcome into our lives; those we go to school with, people we work with, university friends, camp friends, summer holiday friends, etc. and the sad truth is that most of those relationships die out even if they’re still your friend on Facebook. I find that, in most cases, people are forced upon us by the circumstances and, once these change, friendships tend to break because we realise that they were the only thing keeping the friendship alive. And because maintaining a friendship is hard work and, something people sometimes choose to ignore, reciprocal.

I keep a couple of school friends, a handful of university friends and my best friends I met through music and on a language learning holiday. I consider 7 of my Munich friends some of my best despite living in different countries. Needless to say, I have never been able to forge as many meaningful friendships from one single group. Considering I spent 12 years at school and 6 at university, the fact that I met so many of my best friends during the 11 months I spent in Munich is truly remarkable.

This video summarises what, for me, were some of the best moments of the year. Everybody who matters is in it.



get up kids

It looks like I’m finally going to see The Get Up Kids. I think I might cry. Right now I’m like a kid on a massive sugar high.

This is the first GUK song I ever heard.


Meet Me In Saint Louis (1944, Vincente Minelli)

Copeland posted a cover of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ on their myspace. The original was sung by Judy Garland in Meet Me In Saint Louis (1944, Vincente Minelli). I couldn’t care less about the band, but I love the film.

Coming out in the middle of WWII, Meet Me In Saint Louis looks back with nostalgia at the pre-war era, where values were still intact and the family united. Set in 1903, one year before Saint Louis’ World Fair, the film depicts an idealised world of domestic bliss (greatly enhanced by technicolor) that is threatened when Mr Alonzo Smith, the head of the family, organises a move to New York City in order to climb up the social ladder. There is not much more to the film’s plot; a love story with the next-door neighbour, ketchup making and other little details of the family’s daily life. Surprisingly, this is enough. Minelli did a great job. Every scene is wonderfully filmed, Judy Garland has never looked better, it’s funny and the musical numbers are not superfluous at all. It might be too mushy for some, but I think it’s great. I will definitely be watching it again this Christmas.

Judy Garland singing ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ in the film:

Judy Garland – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas mp3 (will expire in a week)


I watched A Philadelphia Story last night. My mother bought it some time ago and for some reason I had been ignoring it until now. I loved it so much I think it’s going to become one of my favourite movies. Above is the amazing first scene. Look at her breaking his penis! It’s genious. The look on her face cracks me up. I must have watched this scene 20 times and I’m not getting tired of it. Katharine Hepburn has to be one of the most wonderful woman that ever lived.

Hot Water Music live last Friday

I know I literally just updated, but I also just saw this and it made my hairs stand on end. I hope there’s more videos of the reunion.

I can’t wait until they drag their asses to Europe later this year. It is one of my New Year’s resolutions to see them more than once in that tour.


embarrassing confessions #1

There was a dark period in my life before I achieved the brilliance that you can all see now (notice that nobody reads this blog, so nobody sees it. I’m so clever). Yes, I was once a prepubescent girl, which is clearly the worst thing a person can be apart from a rapist or a serial killer. Actually, fuck that. Being a serial killer would be way cooler. Anyway, torn between the desire to start wearing a bra and acquiring a new wardrobe for my Barbies, there was a point when I started paying attention to the music that was “in” at the moment and, to my delight, I found the perfect combination of both aspects incarnated in this band:

Apparently they made the first fanzine dedicated to the Manic Street Preachers, so give them credit. Great sunglasses, by the way.


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