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Autumn wonderland

waterfall and autumn leaves at monasterio de piedra

waterfall and autumn leaves at monasterio de piedra

waterfall and autumn leaves at monasterio de piedra



When you have lived somewhere for a long time you often forget that there are beautiful spots right around the corner. Monasterio de Piedra,  a beautiful natural park full of waterfalls, is a great stop if you’re driving from Madrid to Zaragoza or Barcelona. These photos were taken a year ago, but hopefully I’ll be visiting again next weekend, it’s my reward if I manage to finish a paper before then.


The Beatles in Spain

A few weeks ago Mary-Lou and yours truly made a real effort to wake up on a Sunday morning to do cultural things rather than spend the day in bed wondering if that last beer was really necessary. We went to see an exhibition called The Beatles in Spain, and let me tell you, it was worth waking up for. 
Mary-Lou, some Spanish gentlemen and the Beatles 
Unlike every Beatles exhibition I’ve ever seen, this one doesn’t feature some toilet paper Ringo used when he was 15 or George Harrison’s first condom. Instead, it focuses on the cultural impact that the band had in 1960s Spain, a country that was ideologically and culturally about a century behind the rest of Europe.

cracking design

Apart from Spanish editions of Beatles records, there were also records by Spanish bands who, taking advantage of The Beatles’ success, used their image, name and/or songs in order to sell more copies. Some of these were hilarious and I can’t wait to listen to them.

Christian World: The Beatles, a fatal symbol for our youth?

The representation of The Beatles in the Spanish press is also pretty funny. There is an abundance of magazine covers featuring the fab four, as well as newspaper and magazine comics (all of them making a reference to their hair and how wild they are) and teenage press.

It’s pretty fascinating how their hair alone could be such a symbol of rebellion and modernity, especially when you consider that a similar haircut is now favoured by members of the Spanish conservative party. Ah, the irony of history.
“official” merchandising with spelling mistakes
Another thing that I find amazing is how song titles were often translated into Spanish, sometimes with really funny results. In fact, my mother owns Beatles sheet music from the 70s with all the lyrics in Spanish. I think this might be the root of Spain’s general inability to speak English. 
The exhibition takes place in Zaragoza’s Centro de Historia until the beginning of August. 

Buying & Selling

shop window and creepy shadow
Some photos taken around town in the past few months that prove that anything can be bought & sold. I suddenly need a beatnik cigarette holder in my life so I can smoke while I admire my plastic flowers. 
These were taken using Fuji Superia 400 except for the last one, which was taken with a disposable camera. 
You can see bigger versions on flickr.

I do not appreciate shop signs in Comic Sans

And because I find most shop signs outrageous and an insult to good taste, I like to take photos of nice old ones that are slowly being wiped out of our streets. All these photos are from my hometown. I forgot what type of film I used, my apologies for leaving you in ignorance.
Horno San Valero
<note: three years later this amazing sign has been replaced by a shiny modern one. I wonder what became of it>
Peluquería de caballeros
And before I leave, a big HELLO to all my new followers! There must be like dozen new ones. I hope you enjoy your stay and stop by and say hello.

zaragoza (is where I live)

It has come to my attention that, even though I have hundreds of photos of other cities, I barely have any of the one I live in. I see Zaragoza through the eyes of someone who’s had too much of it, someone who’s been there for too long. I am now trying to see it differently, and have stared to take a little film camera around with me.
Kodak film + bad photo place = bad photos. 
old glass
riot kids
uncensored books
Click on each photo to view on flickr.

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